Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day of Rest

How could I have forgotten to brag about my little interior decorator who built my discount fireplace?? I need to empty a bookshelf in order to shift it enough to plug in the fireplace where I'd like it to be, but it's portable enough to slide to another outlet for now.

It throws the perfect (adjustable) heat at floor level, especially since it's almost always my feet that are cold.
It also operates without heat, so will be just perfect for romantic snuggles on the floor with my puppies.

And I am really the last person to know about this creamy, perfectly cinnamony and brown sugary deliciousness?!?

I could eat it with a spoon!!

Today was a gorgeous day! I went outside with the dogs and truly intended to knit. I had the stereo turned up, perfect outdoor knitting, - garter stitch strip - and then the T3's kicked in at the same time as the sun became drowsily warm. I just let my head loll back and relaxed.

The puppies didn't argue.

I brought us in before anyone got burnt, and after everyone took in water we went for a walk.
I'm swear I'm going to buy a harness for Toby; he's so strong that his pulling when I walk him takes all of the pleasure out of it.

Toby misses his main human. He loves the puppies & I, but we aren't Lee. Toby spent a good while keeping watch for Lee's return.

It was both sad and heartwarming.

I knit, finished Breaking Bad, grilled salmon for dinner. The puppies had some fun digging while I ate!

It's been a decent day pain-wise, for which I am grateful. Now - back to my knitting :)

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