Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Checking In

Not made a whole lot of progress on any one thing. I've felt especially exhausted all week long. Capped off by waking up in the early morning hours with a migraine on Saturday AND Sunday night. that's me off of red wine for a bit!!
But after frogging on CEY Moss Cardigan, again, fortunately not as much ripping as I've had to do before

I realized that I have some sort of mental block about what size I'm working on. I pulled the pattern out of the plastic sheet protector and circled the applicable numbers for the size I am actually to be doing.

I'm trainable. Eventually.
Then back at it.

I'm going to knit on Véronik's project for a bit before bed.

I'm getting excited for the Frolic; only 5 more sleeps!! you can count it on one hand now!! I'll be working at Julie's booth - come by and say hey!

I had put together a good week last week with my pain at a bearable level without taking the T3's. This evening has seen an increase and I'm going to hit the bottle (of drugs). Still trying to change my mindset that it's not "caving" to accept pain management that's available.
Still no surgery date; I did call to make sure that I hadn't fallen through the cracks. Nope, just waiting to get scheduled.

So I signed up for baseball again, the women's league and a mixed league. I'm stoked about this- going to get as much in as I can!! Since the surgery won't likely be until into August, I'll get a majority of the season in, for me & the teams.

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