Monday, April 27, 2015

Decision Made

Another project done and on its way.

Well, mostly done. Véronik always finishes her own work. It's kind of nice, but I feel very odd sending off an incomplete item. But it does make for a lovely surprise when the pattern is published ;)
Lee was great this weekend. He had dinner ready on Saturday after the Frolic. He did up the dishes and cooked all the meals on Sunday so that I could really be productive. He was even not as sarcastic as usual during Bar Rescue. Though he declared "enough" eventually - lol!!

I didn't finish clue 3 of Romi's Mysterious Shawl, and I didn't start clue 4. I just couldn't deny my doubts about the main colour. Lovely in its own right, but it was just too "baby blue" and I wasn't feeling it.
I have wound Wollmeise Spina Di Pesce to be the Main Colour, still keeping Blue Bell as the Contrast Colour.

I'm going to have to try an outside pic. I can't ever seem to get the greens & purples accurate.Now that I've finally ripped out and wound, I'm giddy to get started.

Having a not bad few days pain wise and that's kind of how I roll these days, day-to-day and happy for the good ones; still waiting for a surgery date.
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