Monday, May 27, 2013

Sock Rash

So this is why I don't like store-bought socks.

Yes, a hideous and itchy reaction to thin cotton socks!! My feet & legs have been properly spoiled. I know, but sometimes I spend more time at Lee's than I plan on and run out of proper socks. I need to get to pounding out some more socks for me.

It has been a long winter for all of God's creatures, not the least of all the mice. I tried to live-capture it/them but the little bugger actually chewed the plastic off enough to trip the levered gate and crawl back out!!! I then resorted to poison. And more poison. Then different poison. It was eating it ... there was food & fecal debris. It kept coming back. Well, now I have results!!!

I will admit that I screamed. Like a girl. But after a wee victory dance I sanitized the counter and stove top and discarded the carcass. I will cleanse my utensil drawer for the umpteenth time and hope that this recently departed was the sole intruder and/or that his comrades have suffered such a decisive fate.

And the upcoming Fathers Day has the good movies coming out at The Mighty Mart of Wal. I totally scored!!!

Yes - all of the Star Trek movies on bluray!!! I know!!!!


  1. Ugh to the sock rash! Our mice this year got out of the humane traps, so we had to get tough too! Star Trek on blue ray.....I have them on dvd it worth upgrading? I wonder..

  2. I didn't have them on DVD so $10.97 each for Bluray seemed like a super opportunity! Can't wait for a few days off to do a marathon! :D