Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Montréal Bound

Lee & I are headed to Montréal Wednesday night for a lovely long weekend. We don't have an agenda except for taking in lovely and old sights, trying local beers (Lee's thing) and checking out yarn shops (my thing!!). Les Lainages du Petit Mouton has been recommended and I would love to see Biscotte & Cie's yarn in person.
Can anyone recommend any other must see yarn shops? Must try restaurants? Pubs/breweries for the discerning palate?

I'm not sure where we're staying yet, but we're driving so transportation isn't a problem.

Yes, I am so excited!! Montréal with my love; no works, no kids.


  1. La Lainerie looks good......

    Have a great time...it's wonderful to take a holiday...going to Montreal is like going to France...without the long boring flight........


  2. Have a great time!

    Personally, I always find it helpful to check out KnitMap before I go anywhere. Here are the results for Montreal: http://www.knitmap.com/locations/map/#/origin:montreal/

    I've heard through friends in the area that Mouline and Espace Tricot are well worth the visit.