Saturday, May 11, 2013

Montréal, day 2

We were both well exhausted from yesterday - the walking and the sun. We slept (again) and after some first aid for my blisters set off on a mission for footwear more appropriate to city hiking. Salomons - success!!

Much more comfortable though I'm still not fit for sprinting.

We ended up stopping at a few shops along Rue St Catherine including HMV; in any city Lee can't walk past one without popping in. I picked up a few things as well ;)

After taking our purchases back to the hotel we set out for Mont Royal, Lee being much more enthused at the prospect than I. We took the stairs up (300m vs 2.3km seemed like a no-brainer to me) and sore feet notwithstanding I had to pause a few times to catch my breath an make sure my legs hadn't actually turned to lead. But we made it and I didn't throw up.

Quite an awesome view; worth the effort.

The weather was very good to us - only a few drops of rain on our way down. We took the winding gravel path; there is no way that the balls of my feet were going to take the stairs down!
A quick shower & change and we were off on a bit of a pub crawl.
Brutopia was outstanding. Lee was well pleased with the selection & quality of the microbrews (though served a bit colder than he believed to be ideal). The service was excellent, a relaxed atmosphere with a good mix of patrons and if the Chorizo nachos are any indication of the caliber of the rest of the menu then I can think of nothing negative about this pub.
We stopped at Hurley's again for a couple of pints then after a chicken Shwarma (my first and I loved it!!) we went to Stogies.
While I do not encourage or like smoking, I do like the smell of cigars occasionally. Lee used to smoke and was pleased that I was quite willing to go with him so that he could indulge.

The cigar lounge was on the top floor; its license is grandfathered so they are permitted indoor smoking. I tried a few Martinis from a menu of 101 and quickly settled on the Key Lime. Delish!!

An excellent 2ndday!!
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