Monday, May 13, 2013

Québec CIty

Sunday was our last day in la belle province. There was a wonderful mural on the library across from our hotel. I'm annoyed that there was a bus obstructing the lower part of it.

After a quick stop at Costco for beer (I know!!! And inexpensive - $27,49 for a 24 of Corona Extra) we spent it walking along the Old City wall, touring la Citadelle and finishing up in the touristy Old City but seeing some of the oldest buildings that we had seen yet.

In front of one of the cannons on Rue des Remparts

Standing on a cannon
Interesting building detail
Lee in front of the official residence of the Royal 22e Régiment

Interesting block in la Citadelle
Old City Centre
Interesting wall in the Old City. Lee has a piece of the wall that fell off when he touched it.

Rusty Horse Sculpture 

Bridge leaving the city

eta: Between Lee's much more European french and my conversational but more Québeçois french we did very well. A majority of the people, especially in the businesses, spoke English though less so in Québec City it seemed. It was a wonderful experience that I would readily do again, blisters notwithstanding ;)

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