Sunday, May 12, 2013

Montréal Day 3

True to the spirit of being on holiday we slept in. Then it was pack it up to move on to Québec City.
But do not fear, after all of that walking and sightseeing there was going to be yarn! I had to make hard choices and though Effiloché came highly recommended I really wanted to check out Biscotte & Cie. I've seen their yarn making appearances on Knitty (Carousel Sock), (Stitch Surfer Sock) and Loopy Ewe and I wanted to see it IRL and pick up a few skeins for a Sweet Spot strip. Yes, I am still working on my 3rd afghan. No rush and I've got enough yarns that I know I'll have a 4th and 5th easily. Not disappointed. I purchased 3 colourways - Vikings, 49'ers and Patriots (yes, Superbowl theme!) - of Felix.

We stopped into Loblaws for some food & water for the trip and I had to take a picture of the beer aisle. Yes, I know!!! I don't know how long it would take to get used to seeing beer in every grocery & couche-tard (Mac's) that you go into. And the young lady sampling the Alexander Keith's ale (I know!!! Sampling alcohol to boot!!!) was hiding a can of Monster under an AK box. I found that hilarious!!

It was a long, wet drive and a nap was in order once we checked in. Super excellent room - we were upgraded to the business floor - and the bed was perfect.

Dinner was at the Saigon Bangkok restaurant. Very good. This was the second time that I've had General Tao's chicken in Québec and while this version was more enjoyable than the first (granted the first was at a mall), they don't seem to do it spicy like we do in Ontario. Quande même, it was delicious. And truly the best spring rolls that I have ever eaten!!
Fortunately there was a lovely microbrasserie just around the corner where we quaffed a couple before calling it an early night. La Korrigane was another young, hip spot where Lee was not unimpressed with the on site offerings.

It was strange to me (and refreshing to Lee) not to have food available and menus foisted upon you at every bar & pub. Indeed, some pubs (Ziggy's for instance), offered no food whatsoever.

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