Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to Reality

I know ... back to work was a crushing reality. And Spring is bringing with it the kind of changeable weather that gifts me with migraines. Zomig is awesome but has side effects as well; not as bad as the migraine but still.
Anyway, I have finished Elise's linen skirt!! I know ... I dogn't even remember when I cast it on but it was ages ago. This is what happens without a deadline ;)

The black linen is Euroflax while the hand dyed is from Claudia Hand Painted Yarns.

I started on Blue Sky Alpaca's Beatrice Top

but the Yarn Hoover that I am, I am stalled at the top of the 1stsleeve. Julie is sending more and letting BSA know that the 3rd size requires a 4thskein.
Good thing that I have another project set to go!
Four knitted cats, fiddly but très portable and with a day off we'll see what kind of a litter I can get knit up.

Lee, Jake and I had a lovely time at a neighbourhood bonfire Sunday night.

Toby & I enjoyed the sunshine before the rain this morning, getting my litter off to a good start.

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