Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are You Feeling Lucky?

My natural tendency towards incompetence (don't argue - remember Kyle and the 3-week old broken wrist ... yeah, I know it worked out in the end, but still ...) has saved me once again!

(AM dispatcher/charter coordinator) and myself decided to go in on a 649 ticket yesterday. Not being a seasoned lottery ticket buyer, I didn't realize that the cutoff time was 20:59:59. Yeah. I spent most of the night trying to calculate how long it would take to pay her 19.5 million dollars if I lived to be various unlikely ages. But it's all good this morning because $48,000,000 is totally my Clover Horseshoe Rabbit Foot lucky number & I didn't even have to invest to make the pot grow! Thanks to everyone else who did though. Clapping Hands

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