Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Me being the big wage earner in our family is totally the definition of adversity. Kerwyn was the victim of "restructuring" and his job now is finding a job. Fortunately he had been feeling out the job market and isn't starting from absolute zero - he's had some interviews and I'm hopefully optimistic that he'll be gainfully re-employed and keeping me in the yarny lifestyle to which I've become accustomed soon. For now, I'm taking all of the O/T that I can get, knitting in every other spare moment and resisting the siren song of potential stash. I know - it's awesome that I've got a excellent stash to knit from if I run out of work knitting! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger - or so 'they' say. I guess I'm going to die or get mighty mighty!! BarbellYou'll know that it's getting bad when I have to start selling my stash. Faint

BTW - if anyone is looking for an excellent mechanical/manufacturing engineering manager, I can totally hook you up!

Oh - and Dr. Jackie - I'm going to be all over The Amazing Race 14!!!

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