Sunday, February 22, 2009

Watching TAR14 with Wannietta - part le 2

On toGermany!!
It great to see teams learning from all of the racers that came before them - borrowing a cell phone to make reservations.
Phone Shocker
Way for Steve to man up and recognize his lack of sensitivity and own it.
Do phone reservations really count for much?
You might be a red neck if ... you hope for a beer challenge.
Beer Frau
I guess phone reservations count. Although I might be inclined to play dirty pool and use another teams name to see if they had called in a reservation.
Tammy & Victor have a quick lead thanks to that lucky timing on that gondola lift.
ThinkingWhy would the wind change all of a sudden in the mountains? Windy Maybe Mary Poppins is coming. Or maybe because you're ... in the mountains!!!
My legs feel like jelly just thinking about an hour long hike down a mountain
Mountain 2.
I'd totally wait out the wind just for the chance to paraglide down from those mountains. A view like that would be worth the wait.
I think that Luke is perhaps a wee bit influenced by the young man hormones that come into play around
Cheerleader Toss 1. Even if they are former cheerleaders.
It's not so much about chickening out Mel as whether or not you're willing to out wait Mother Nature.
I don't think that it was such a good idea to try to call out Mark in a show of bravado Mel.
I think that the wind will ease up & Mel won't be in as bad a spot as he thinks. And really, if he physically can't go down the mountain on foot he doesn't have a choice. It is what it is.

See? Wha'did I tell ya?!
Poor Linda.
And Mel is down before Linda, Cara, Jen & Christie.
Balancing Dolly or Austrian Folly
Pie In Face
Those Segways are a lot harder to manage than one might think. I'd probably just flip right over on my back.
Tammy & Victor are really getting into the spirit of throwing pies at each other.
Pie In FaceMust be a sibling thing!
Poor Linda.
Crying 1 One wrong turn and she's so upset that she's not even thinking that she should just go back up to that fork in the road and go the other way.
That little log sawing thing is adorable!
Sawing Like the machines that stamp a penny flat for a souvenir.

Awww - that's nice. I'm really glad that she got a ride. I hope that they can make up some time.
Tammy & Victor win the 2nd leg in Germany @ Schloss Hellbrunn.
I wonder how much extra TAR is going to have to pay on the rented Mercedes Benzs' for having cake in them!
That's right Luke - she's your mom and you just listen to her. I should replay this for Kyle!
Mel & Mike rocked those Segways out!
"Just sit there & look pretty". Steve really is a sweet guy.
Brad & Victoria had fun with the
Pie In FaceFolly too.
I love it when teams can get into the spirit of a challenge!
Mike trying to climb over the fence & then Phil with that eyebrow raise -
OMG - Christie & Jodi are looking for wood to cut. They're carry around chunks of wood. They totally misunderstood what the woman said about "wood sawing".
Steve & Linda - you've got an opportunity here to beat out the flight attendants!
Hurry Up

Well then you'd better start standing up for yourself Jen or Kiska is going to be big sistering the both of you right out of the race.
Christie said "dumb blonde" before I did.
With the stunt brother & Kisha & Jen a bit lost Steve & Linda can still do this if they hold it together!
They're screwed in a foot race.
I don't think that they were destined to win The Amazing Race but they're destined for each other Love Forever - Steve & Linda are one of a kind!!

I don't know what it is lately with teams forgetting their TAR packsDuh

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