Sunday, February 15, 2009

Watching TAR14 with Wannietta - part le 1

I'm so happy that The Amazing Race (TAR) is back! I'm not one to stalk fan boards and get all into the lives of the racers - I just love watching it.

Blonde flight attendants - they should provide good blog fodder.
Lawyer siblings - maybe brains will prevail this year.
Mom & son team - I wish them well with the sign language though, it may slow them down too much.
Husband & wife - I gotta love a long-time married team!
Athletic sisters - I like their chances.
Good looking young couple - one of the first to go.
Fit older couple - I like their chances.
Father & son - they seem fit & don't hate each other, they may go far. Amanda's impressed that Mike wrote School of Rock.
Another good looking young couple - we'll see how long they want to be together.
Brothers - their stunt skills may come in handy
Former cheerleaders - thinks that they have something to prove, they should be good for drama.

Switzerland- not too exotic for a 1st leg. Maybe some of the teams speak French or German or maybe even Italian to help them out.
I agree with Tammy & Victor's logic - you don't choose the late plane on purpose.
Luke has cute sense of humour.
Let's hope that Kisha & Jen's intel is accurate & that the shorter train trip makes up for the later flight.
Cool - having the train terminal is quite handy!
And Preston & Jen are the early underdogs.
"Monumental snowcapped mountains" I guess that she hadn't heard of the Swiss Alps.
Preston seems like a real sweetie ... not!
Way to chat up the locals Christie & Jodi.
Steve is disappointing me with his lack of support for Linda - geez, did he not realize that she isn't a runner before this?

Off to the Verzasca Dam.
I dunno, does a patio of a restaurant look like where you'd get a cab Cari & Jamie?
The flight attendants seem to have lost track of where they are. I believe that "mas importante" is Spanish.
Maybe, just maybe, you could go out to the street where the taxis are driving by on?
Mark & Micheal can totally rock out the bungee jump!
Ohhh - I like Tammy's hat!
Did you see that? There's totally enough time to puke at the bottom before you get yanked back up.
Interesting how some of them are just falling off the platform and some are totally embracing it & leaping off.
Victoria rocked that out!
Of ffs - give her a wee push already!

It was worse in her head than it was in reality.
I like Mel - "it's not that we don't trust you, it's just that we don't trust you".
Thumbs Up
Hmmm ... the flight attendants didn't check the arrival time of the train?
At least they're carrying the cheese down the hill.
I wonder if you have to stay on your feet and carry it? I mean, could you slide down on your arse or roll the cheese?
Yeah - that's what I'm talking about!!!
OMG - the Swiss are killing themselves laughing.
Will rolling & bouncing the cheese damage it or add to the aging process?
Luke is all into the scoochting down.
Those big-ass cow bells are annoying!

Mel toughed that one out.
Steve is trying to be encouraging but Linda is way negative.
Preston's manning up by taking 2!
Too bad that they have to run towards the yodeling.
Good on Margie & Luke.
Look at Phil learning to sign!
Valentine I Love You Sign
I'm very happy with the top three teams.
Good thinking - using the carrier as a sled!
Preston could take some boyfriend lessons from Kris.
"I may never eat cheese again".
Laughing 2
Amanda has a cute hat too.
I will be sad if Steve & Linda lose because they couldn't find the yodelers after they were the smartest about the cheese hauling.
Yes!I totally called Preston & Jen as one of the first to go. They'd've been great for drama but I'm not sad to see them gone.

I hope that Linda can find some confidence - if she can her & Steve might not be last. okay ... seeing next weeks preview doesn't instill me with much hope.
Rolling Eyes

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