Thursday, March 13, 2008

One Week Later

I'm sure that by the time that I get used to working full time again Shelly will be back from her leave. My training seems to be going well - look! I haven't made her cry yet.

But I did get Beth's CPH finished!! I'm done the kn
itting on Artisan Knitworks sweater and it's just waiting to be blocked and finished - tomorrow darling, I promise! I'm almost done Elise's socks then I can jump right into a skirt for her. It's a skirt and I can't wait to start it. She just blows my mind with the ideas that keep coming off of her needles. I'm going to be using Louet Euroflax & Claudia Hand Painted Linen. There's no better incentive for finishing a project than getting a new one!!

I'm going to be starting Kaffe Fassett's China Clouds for Cindy's mom - just intimidating enough to be exciting. It will be my first full-sized Kaffe.

And really, I should have let Mother Nature take care of Kyle's thumb. We Moms really do know what's best. Putting the cast on it and immobilizing the thumb caused the swelling to go down which allowed the bone to shift thusly: Oh yeah, that's really bad. I mean, totally deformed, circus side show freak kind of shifted. So it will be under the knife for my baby boy on Sunday.
I should have just kept rolling
with the blind incompetence natural mothering instinct that was working so well. Mother Nature would have kept his thumb swollen enough to keep the bone in an acceptable alignment until it was sufficiently healed to allow the swelling to go down. I swear, it's nearly enough to turn me into one of those anti-medical intervention radicals. Nearly.

But he's still got a sense of humour. Sam - this lazy, sexy morning thumbs up is for you!!

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