Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Simple FO's

Amanda had a great time with her friend Tara snow tubing on the weekend. I had a great time sitting in the chalet knitting & watching them!
It was a perfect day - sunny & just cold enough for Friday & Saturday to make the slopes super-slick after the low temps & rain for the few days previous.
There are a bunch of rubber mats at the end of each tubing run to slow & stop the tubes & then the rider(s) can get out and walk
to the line up again. Watchers can hang out in the chalet or along the ends of the run - not all parents are into it, but are there for the kids.
Well, one unlucky/unthinking mother was standing at the end of one of the steeper runs when a group of 6 tubers (holding on to each others tubes - it's totally allowed & done) gathered enough speed to shoot right over the rubber mats, wipe out the unsuspecting woman and stop when they hit the protective fence (built for just such unlikely yet planned for occasions).
Everyone felt really bad for her, especially the group that ran through her, but really ... you're standing at the end of a long, steep & fast snow tube run. Do you not think that you should be watching what may be hurtling towards you?!? She was fine - ice on her shoulder & I'm sure that it hurt like the dickens the next day & if she was not completely addled she will ha
ve come away with family passes for life ... Wink
It was totally a no-fault mishap. The tubers could not have possibly have slowed or stopped their progress, Snow Valley couldn't have predicted that kind of speed and the nice lady was probably just like a deer caught in the headlights. Hindsight is 20-20.

I'm still working on a couple of personal projects that must remain uber-secret for now, but I've managed to finish a couple of seriously simple projects.
Amanda now has legwarmers that I hope will be fashionable for at least the next week (I'll try to get a picture when I come home tomorrow), and I have a new pair of socks. Sock Hop yarn in the Ain't no Mountain High Enough colourway. I love them!

I'm also working on a sweater for Véronik - I'll let her give details when she's ready.

My friend Ada sent me a link to a blogger who is doing a recipe for every leg of The Amazing Race. I love it!!! Check out Savory Spicy Sweet.

Thanks for all your support - Kerwyn is hitting up all of his contacts, contacting every headhunter and turning over every stone on the internet. It'll work out, I can't believe otherwise.

ETA the picture of the legwarmers.

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