Sunday, November 30, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - X

If Team D'Andrew can overcome an additional task they totally deserve to be final three.
Dallas must be an accomplished Pictionary player.
Either the picture is good enough or not Tina. I think that repeating words that the man doesn't understand isn't going to be more helpful.
Saying that your track record has been "spotty" Dan is like saying that the ocean is a bit big.
Wouldn't it have been the bomb if Sean Connery would have been actor from The Hunt for Red October giving out the clue?
Awwww - that almost makes me feel sad for Andrew & Dan - no pedestrian deserves to be drowned by street water.
I wouldn't have thought that Dallas was the more cerebral on their team, but maybe Toni knows something that I don't.

Have we ever seen a more pitiful team in the final four?
"I need a jacket". "I need a hood". "Just stop". "I love you too". "Just go away".
God, what a bitch.
Good on ya Nick!
Poor Dallas ...
Will Tina actually help Dallas? I think not so much.
Ride the Rails or Ride the Lines
Ride the Rails looks freaking complicated ... and I'm sure that at least one of the teams will eat the pastry if the clue doesn't say not to.
Toy Train
I think that I'd go with Ride the Lines, but Russian looks confusing either way.
Moment of truth for Tina - and she comes through. I think that she's good with men who are not Ken.
Poor Andrew ...
Tina tooting her own
French Horn again.
Oh Snap!!! Losing the money would be bad enough, but how does he figure he's going to get out of the country without a passport? I'd've been chasing down every black cab in sight!!

Dan is looking a wee bit pleased at Toni & Dallas's misfortune. And I don't think that Toni bought his lame-assed effort at sincerity either.
I don't think that taking the subway is a viable option - the clue said, "take a taxi".
Nick & Starr are rockin'
Russian out!
And it came back to bite Toni & Dallas in the ass.
Unfortunately, given the speed bump & Dan's (lack of) skills, Toni & Dallas may still have time to beg for money & get back in time.
Aw crap,
Duh Tina is never going to let Ken forget that she said, "Isn't it the one with the wires?".
Yes Tina, you were right.
The dance master should really give Team D'Andrew something for enthusiasm. There ya go!!
Who should be more offended - white boys or Jewish boys?
Nick & Starr totally deserve to run for the $1,000,000.00
Holy Shit - I can't believe that they actually edged out Ken & Tina!!
Hurry Up Toni & Dallas!!! It's not over yet!!!

PoutyToni & Dallas gave it a good shot. Dallas will probably beat himself up for a while about this one; I hope that they find the passports.
I pretty confident that Nick & Starr will cross the finish line 1st too.

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