Friday, November 28, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - IX

Of course Andrew & Dan will continue to make crucial mistakes; a Leopard cannot change it's spots.
Ah - that's the earliest not necessarily the quickest.
Yeah, I mean who needs to negotiate Tina? I mean, we know it's a race but it's also a race on a budget. Accountant
Hey Dallas, if you get with Starr then everything that she's won is yours too.
OMG - I forgot about their lack of shoes! Too funny man.
Team D'Andrew - that's hilarious too!!! Belly Laugh
It's an airport dudes - did you think that anything was going to be cheap?
"I mean, if you don't mind looking like an idiot". Yeah. Okay. An idiot in sandals compared to an idiot in hotel slippers. Battle of the Idiots!
That guy didn't even look at where Nick & Starr wanted to go.
"Looks churchy".
Easter Church Must be all of the crosses.
He's asking a bus driver 'cause bus drivers are da shit Tina!!!
Boots or Borscht
Not so much with me and the coordination.
I'm totally down with ladling out Soup though.
Toni & Dallas are lucky that they don't have to march all day - those loose wraps are potential blisters.
I'm not sure that American marching is going to cut it with the Russians.
Awwww, bad luck sucks Starr.

I guess Andrew's more about the socks.
I don't know if they will appreciate Tina's flair.
You only think that it's a bad decision because it wasn't your call Dan.
Enthusiasm must count for something - that and I'm sure that being blonde didn't hurt.
Speaking of G.I.Jane - I wonder if there will be hair cutting Fast Forward.
Another critical mistake - and yes, a Frat Boys/Team D'Andrew blooper real would be hilarious.
It almost seems like it would be mean and bully-ish to laugh at Dan.
I fancy myself an adequate writer when the occasion calls for it, and yet I am struggling for words. Perhaps a comparison. He marches like Elaine Benis dances. It is sad and yet hilarious (even in Russian) making tears the perfect response.
Crying 1

I wonder if the
Cab Driver are charging a flat rate or a time/mileage charge?
You go Dallas!!
I don't think that doing one bag at a time and having to make twice as many trips would be less work.
Back to the soup - deja vu all over again!
I don't know as how the
Soldier are so much laughing with Team D'Andrew as laughing at them.
Good thing that their cabbie doesn't speak English - he'd have the Frat Boys out on the side of the road.
Dallas is young Toni - he'll be just fine. Sore tomorrow I'm sure, but fine.
Nick is going to have to do it one bag at a time.
She says "take a break, don't push it" but her heart says
Hurry Up.
Why do Nick & Starr always have such a hard time getting cabs?

Especially considering that he doesn't speak English, I don't know how "understanding" that he's going to be. Team D'Andrew may be in between a rock and a hard place.
Yes!I'm so happy for Dallas & Toni!!
Amanda thinks that Kyle & I should do TAR. Yeah, when he's old enough to be not a jackass.
Maybe Dan should let the tears well up.
Crying 1
OMG - will they offer their shoes?
Even a simple Russian cabbie knows that they're not really worth what you paid for them Dan.
That cabbie knows a lost cause when he sees it.
Shit - I cannot believe the luck that these two have.
CloverHorseshoeRabbit FootFingers Crossed This may be the end of them though - as much trouble as they have with tasks, having to do an extra task ... I don't know if there is enough Lucky Charms in the free world!

Looks like I'm going to have to break out the Elaine Benis video again

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