Saturday, December 6, 2008

Swatching Heaven

I've been swatching & knitting on a design of my own the last couple of months. I can't share the swatches but I will show you some of the yarns that I'm working with. I just knew that there was a reason why I have been collecting so many wonderful indie-dyed yarns!
Tempted Yarns, Dashing Dachs & Lorna's Laces are just a where I've started, I've got a few more to swatch up and source then get going hard core on the project.

I ventured out early on a frigid Saturday morning to pick up a package at
the post office only because I was certain that it was my 2nd Wollmeise sock club shipment. And it was!!! I love the Yarnissima pattern and can't wait to get started on it (yeah, any day now ) with the Jultomte colourway. Amanda got busy straight away knitting up the tiny ball of yarn to see what's in the centre. (it's a stitch marker) She's knitting a super-skinny scarf - I've got a couple more sample skeins of the worsted weight Wollmeise so that Amanda can make it a usable length.
Isn't she cute - and she knits like me with her RH needle anchored in her hip!!!

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