Sunday, November 2, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - VI

Game on!!

Again - that is a gorgeous temple. I'm not normally about ruins, but I'd love to see that in person.

I'm sure that for Starr, India will be just as shocking as Cambodia.
I don't know how people think that doing TAR will help fix a broken relationship. I'm sure that it would be a strain on a solid relationship - traveling on eggshells
It's A Smiley! with your partner under extremely less than ideal conditions ... maybe it'll work.
I don't think it's so much that you're useless Ken, it's just that Tina thinks that her shit don't stink and that you can't possibly do anything as well as she can.
Way to try to psych yourself up Frat Boy.
Tina has discovered the international sign for "fast" - clapping.
Clapping Hands
What did poor geographically-challenged Dallas think that India was like? Has he never watched a National Geographic special or TAR before? Rookie.
Yes Tina.
Artistic Flair
Paint Pallet
Just going on that header Kerwyn & I would be screwed. Seeing the task, Kerwyn would rock it out.
I think that Terence & Sarah are more of a D- in cabbie communication - "vroom vroom", "go, go", "you drive".

You've asked a lot of somebodies Tina, maybe nobody wants to tel you where it is.
"How did everyone get here before us? It's
Amazing". Well, it is the amazing race Tina.
I don't get how the person who doesn't do the task thinks that nagging the whole time is of any sort of help. cough, cough Terence & Tina!!!
I don't know do Terence & Sarah really think that saying "babe" all the time makes the bitching less bitchy?
See - Dallas knows how to be helpful with the advice.
Are Andrew & Dan going to run all the way there?
I wonder how much the cabbie will charge you for waiting all that time Tina?
Seriously dudes - I dare Sarah to turn that paint sprayer on Terence.

Lauder Money
Money or Launder Clothes Ironing
Hmmmm - arts & crafts or menial household task - I could rock either one out.
Yeah, money's confusing - all those numbers.
Really? 2 quite unattractive, hormone-driven Frat Boys are calling Kelly & Christy "semi-attractive" and think that they're clever. Wow.
Well, TAR is all about new experiences and now you're experiencing last place Terence.
The sound off that laundry slapping is going to drive me insane!
Way to even pretend to ask Ken about which detour he'd like to do Tina. Yes Tina.
The divorcees have glammed onto that clapping sign
Clapping Hands for faster.
Well, aren't Nick & Starr the Boy Scouts bringing their own gloves to use on those insanely hot irons.
I hope that Starr doesn't burn her bare belly with that iron.
Okay. So the Frat Boys - in the fine tradition of frat boys before them and those to come - have never ironed and fold like a blind child, choose this task over the launder money.
Nick & Starr rocked it out again.
Fucking A -- an electric car ... each!!!
Hey - maybe Amanda & Kyle will do an Amazing Race together one day. And not kill each other or abandon each other.
Maybe he told you "
No" Tina because your a woman and/or he just doesn't like you. Maybe he wants to help Ken because he likes Ken.
OMG - did you see Andrew's face? He seriously doesn't like the head washer-woman.
Dan, really. The wind blowing through your clothes might be a good thing.

Dan is such a wet blanket. His defeatist attitude is such a kill-joy!
Running around trying to hail a cab is going to do you in Tina? Ken is the one running with both backpacks!!
Why was Tina trying to get her bag out?
I'm really glad that Ken & Tina are done. Penguin Wave Oh Fuck Me!! And poor Ken - he's got to do it another week with Tina.
Thank God for the pause feature on my DVR - Kyle has decided that now he's sick & needs some sort of cold medicine me to get him some sort of cold medicine.
I think that Ken loves Tina more than Tina loves Ken. I think that Tina likes the idea of Ken & Tina and making a go of it on TAR.

I dunno - it kind of looks like a paint fight. Entering it into the right spirit, it could be a blast!

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