Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stitches East

I have had an unforgettable experience this weekend. Being a part of Elise's book, Knit one Below, seeing the garments that I knit on live models and photographed so very well in the book, teaching people how easy it is to k1b and seeing them planning what yarns to start experimenting with is a high that I may never come down from. The book has sold out here yesterday!!! Congratulations Elise - I really hope that this is just the first of many books.

I got my 2nd set of Signature Needles - aren't they gorgeous??!
! sorry 'bout the glare Cathy, Daniella & Laura are so nice; they let me sit in their booth on Friday and knit on Amanda's sweater and extol the virtues of these wonderful tools that really do change everything.

I knit a swatch of the Therapi that Joe had given me. I'm generally quite skeptical of yarn that claims overtly soothing properties, but I have to say that this yarn has a je ne sais quois about it that is calming. The 20% silk gives it a wonderful lustre but the jadeite fibre is backing it up and plays a subtle suppporting role. It flows through your hands with a mercurial ease; it's like you're sensing the yarn more than commanding it.

I knit it to the suggested tension of 20 sts, but if I were doing a straight-up stockinette stitch sweater I would probably go a bit tighter. It took well to cables and lace. I have yet to block it - I'll let you know how that affects my opinion on the cables.

I'm off to do my part to stimulate the American economy for a couple more hours before I hit the road. I've got Amanda DVR'ing The Amazing Race for us - I won't be able to watch/blog it until tomorrow ...
I'm Sorry

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