Sunday, November 16, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - VIII

10:14PM depart - can you even imagine how much this race messes with your sleep cycles? PJs
A Chicken farm - my eyes are watering at the remembering of the smell.
Good idea Toni - get him away from that temptress!
Thrilled at going to Kazakhstan - why? Is there something in Kazakhstan that I need to put on my bucket list?
That green came out of Tina's hair really well.
Way to help Ken pick up his/your stuff Tina.
Which ticket agent can type faster?!? Poor Terence & Sarah. Poor Andrew & Dan.
"Don't count your chickens before they're hatched". Someone was bound to come out with it.
Oh snap!!! The chicken farm doesn't open until 7:30 - equalizing time.
Cool - even the Frat Boys made it.
Fast Forward - local delicacies scare me.
Scared 2
Sheep ass fat - homey don't play dat!!
While I'm glad that someone is challenging Nick & Starr for the FF but I don't know if Terence & Sarah have it in them to complete the task.
C'mon - scatter those chickens.
WTG Toni!!!
Clapping Hands
I wonder if they get to drive the giant crane trucks? That would rock!
I didn't really think so, it's just the bus driver in me that wanted to see them drive it.
Run with sliding feet - the chickens sense of self-preservation will kick in & they'll move.
ROTFL Well at least Terence is true to his own self. Vegetarians everywhere are standing a little taller tonight.
Will Sarah bully him into just eating it or will it be a long cab ride back to the chicken farm?
Will Nick & Starr be able to eat the "meat"?

Apparently Terence's personal ethics are worth a 20% shot at $1,000,000.00 .
Vegetarians everywhere are making Terence the bull's eye on their dart boards and hanging their heads in shame because he totally couldn't pull it off anyway.
Play like Men or Act like Bulls
I'm a village idiot at music ...
Singer 1
Geez - that seems like a lot of travelling, in costume! Cow
I think that Starr is going to totally lose it.
I'm sure that Kazakh is nothing like English and really, why would they care?
Just because they don't understand the words that are coming out of your mouth doesn't make them zombies or horrible.
And I'm sure that it's not a lack of desire to help you - or maybe they do understand English and they just don't like your Frat Boy attitude.

Nick & Starr must have packed their Crest - check out those gleaming white teeth.
It's not a "bladder" Dallas - it's an "udder".
Hmmmm, Dallas didn't have such a trouble finding someone to speak English.
The Frat Brothers are acting like brothers.
"Isn't that another team?" Really - do you think that very many Kazakhstanis walk around in cow costumes Tina?
Tina deserves to lose - not reading the clues at all this week.
I'm sure that there is a Nobel prize in there somewhere - the physics & weight distribution in costume wearing.
Thumbs Down
I like how Tina blames "we" when she bones it up.
Well, Dan & Andrew are going to continue the race in sock feet - that should be interesting.
Dan is going to take the heat for the cab & the
Sneaker 3 - I'm sure that Andrew won't let him forget it.

I'm having a hard time to pick a team to cheer for. Terence & Dan are both such downers.
I kind of want the Frat Boys to win so that I can see them continue without shoes. I know, but it would be funny!
But ... Geez - Phil had me going there, I thought that it was going to be another non-elimination leg.

OMG - Dan is whiter than I could have imagined! He marches like Elaine dances on Seinfeld.

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