Sunday, November 16, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - VII

Argh - I'm finally getting around to watching last week's episode!

I think that this leg will make it or break it for Ken & Tina.
8:55AM - finally a normal leave time!
Have you ever heard of a cabbie who would admit to not knowing where somewhere was?
How old are Kelly & Christy again? 16? Girl With Gum
Messy, but if you do it in the spirit of the thing it shouldn't be horrible. As long as it's not a lead-based dye that they're inhaling.
Starr is worried about her makeup?
Dolled Up
Dallas looks good in pink.
Geez - they're really picking on Kelly. I actually feel bad for her.
Again Kelly & Christy aren't reading the clues so well.
Sarah's really getting the hang of stroking Terence's ego.
LMAO - wild rave party where the hot blonde girls didn't show up. What a perfect description!

Well, better late than never to read the clue right.
Like any taxi wants all that paint up in his cab.
I bet that Ken's just a wee bit happy that Tina's getting painted up.
Imagine that - a part of the world in which Kelly & Christy are not the epi-centre.
Bleary Eyed or Teary Eyed
Kerwyn & I could totally rock out Bleary Eyed. Kerwyn is excellent at concentrating.
Grinding whole chili peppers into a rough powder by hand sounds painfully endless.
Chili Pepper
Terence's strength is getting physical? I must have missed that part.
Again the opportunity to question Kelly & Christy's maturity arises.
They certainly aren't very careful with that holy water, are they?
Butter wouldn't melt in that Nick's mouth.
I wonder how permanent that paint is - I think green suits Tina, but she might not like it so much.
Sure, Terence encourages Sarah to keep going so that he can wimp out.

OMG - that's an easy fare. They pay you and they walk while clearing traffic.
Funny little man had them going for a minute!
Hurry UpToni & Dallas!!!
Incredible suffering - okay, there's a couple of white people coughing from pepper fumes. Has Sarah looked around her lately?
Funny little man has no time for Andrew & Dan wasting his time.
The Divorcees really thought that they'd see all of the little tags from a moving vehicle>
Darn - Nick & Starr again.
Maybe Sarah will quit whining now. I don't think that there is ever a "good" task choice - it's a matter of making the best of the one that you choose.
God I love that little sewing maching man. And really Tina, that wasn't a push. It was putting you back in your place you annoying woman.
C'mon Andrew & Dan!!!

You're just a giver Tina - all the way. Though it was nice of you to take pity on the Frat Boys.
"There's too many cars on the road". Yes, that would be a leading cause of gridlock worldwide.

I will not be sad to not see Kelly & Christie again.
Did Kelly put on lipstick/gloss before hitting the check-in? I think so!!

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