Sunday, October 26, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - V

Summer Hill - totally the opposite of Silent Hill.
Pouty - still the Ken & Tina show.
Cambodia - that'll be a test.
I'll tell you what I think Ken - that you have fun when you do things together and win.
Sure Terence - you'll get in & out of any airport without another team seeing you.
Careful fellow TAR watchers - Kelly & Christy are cracking out the brain power. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Oh Snap! Doing a great job ... of going fast Terence.
Hazzard Smileys
Poor Americans - kms got him all confused.
Don't worry Sarah, you had him pegged. He's slow.
Again with the geographically challenged Dallas.
"Out running me out the gate ..." "C'mon Sarah - move it." Make up your frelling mind dude!
I'd've thought that Kelly & Christy were a bit old for the high school mean girl games.
You're a sweetie Ty - you would trade her in for a Porsche, but would you trade her for a Bugatti Veyron?
It's a f'ing sexy car dude - tell the truth ... I made you think about it!
Well, at least Ty & Aja can make their comeback with the Frat Boys.

Lucky SOB's!!!
Clover They should stop and buy a lottery ticket or two.
Poor Ty & Aja!
Airports are a great equalizer & cabbies are the biggest crap shoot.
LMAO - how does "hotel" sound like "road"
I'll never complain about a slow pump in Canada again.
Gas Pump
Kelly & Christy must be saving up that brain power for a task.
He might now where he's going Nick, it's a matter of if the truck will make it.
That's right, cranking slow must work the same as cranking fast.
If those Frat Boys can't work it out Ty & Aja stand a chance.
Just gotta work up some pressure/suction dudes.
Terence and Sarah sure scored the truck with the power.
Mexico? Cambodia is not México Starr. Serves you right Starr.
The poorer you are the harder you have to work for what little you've got. Good thing that Kelly & Christy have brain power working for them back home.
Terence sure is making a super effort - good on him!
Clapping Hands
Stop asking how far away it is Terence - it's too far to pole it dude.

Village Life or Village Work
A floating basketball court
Basketball - that's off the hook! Like it's not hard enough on solid land.
I'd totally go with the work - you could get totally lost trying to find 3 different shops.
Although that water is disgusting.
I'm scared
Scared 2 - can you imagine what would happen if they started using their brains?
That's a stunningly beautiful temple!
Even more scared.
Scared 2
Don't worry Aja - they're not snapping fish. Shark
Oh goody - I can't wait to see Nick's sense of direction in action.
Passing the Frat Boys isn't really a stellar accomplishment.
Tina's confused
Question Mark - alert the presses!
Wow - even I could get all zen at that temple.
Don't worry Kelly - the other teams will be scared.
You said it Tina - totally blind.
I've got to give Ken credit - either he really has the patience of Job or TAR is kindly editing out his frustration.

I don't think that whatever Tina did worked - I didn't hear any echo(s).
Yes Tina, you are the weakest link.
Bad Karma dudes - we don't compare a temple to a Playboy mansion.
C'mon Ty - you can do this.
Hurry Up
I guess Tina did it well enough - Phil didn't call her on it.
Aja doesn't seem worried that they haven't seen a team yet.
Geez - is there really no non-elimination leg or is Phil just holding out on us.
Aw ... Ty is a sweetie!

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