Sunday, December 9, 2007

Winter Pics

This one is for elisabetha.

I really love how a real snowfall, laying a thick, soft blanket over everything changes the world! It's beautiful for the eyes and a treat for the ears. Not quite soundproofing, it's like a dampening field. All of the regular sounds are there - traffic, target practice on the rifle range on base, dogs barking - but they're muffled, not quite complete and there is utterly no echo. It's enchanting.

These little red birds
(I'm no ornithologist!!) love whatever kind of berries are on this tree in our front yard. They look like some kind of cherries (the berries, not the birds!).

Of course it's not all pretty. The amount of snow that falls has a direct & proven co-relation to the foolhardy driving decisions of wanna-be men.
This young man was heading into the corner way too fast to have a chance. I'm sure that his embarrassment (this happened right behind his high school) will probably be more punishment than his parents will be handing down when they find out - I can't imagine that the hood or fender is coming away completely intact!

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