Monday, December 17, 2007

"If you Love me ..."

I swear that in over 18 years of marriage I have never started a sentence with those words. Until today. I'm not proud of it but a woman has her limits. And having to throw shovelfuls of snow up and over the height of my shoulders is my limit. And we're not even full on into winter yet!! The smile is for the benefit of the photographer (Amanda).
Kerwyn says that he will shovel when he gets home, and I'm sure that his intent is valid as he speaks the words. But by the time he gets home (which is late) and gets dinner and has work (which is more often than not) it generally doesn't happen. Besides, dr
iving over the snow packs it down and makes it harder to shovel and after the snow plough goes by I need to shovel if I want to go out.
So, I said, "If you love me you we will get a snow blower." And he did agree to take a look at the machines over the holidays. He reminded
me that he would have done it when he got home, and I reminded him about the reality of it. I did let him know that the back deck wasn't shoveled and that he could do that when he got home so that we could go in the hot tub. "Yeah, okay, I'll have to see how things are when I get home. I could probably do that." Which is why I do it.
Getting a snow blower over the holidays won't be a moment too soon - Richard is a mighty fine sight to look upon!!

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