Sunday, December 9, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part 12.6

No, Nate will not be able to change his behaviour under stress. I still don't get how people think that TAR is a relationship fixer. I think that a solid couple will cross the finish line having discovered a lot of unpleasant things about each other and be better for it. Couples coming in with problems will go out with those problems compounded exponentially.
Ronald is seriously a Jekyl & Hyde kinda guy - it's scary!
Hippies & Goths working together - a model for world peace. I shouldn't be so sarcastic, I'm sure that they'll still be so helpful & sharing if they make it to the final 3.
Sorry to the Croatians out there but I don't know why Jen is so excited to be going to Croatia.
Either the cabbie is gay or Hendekea didn't say what she thought that she said.
I'm looking forward to seeing you start playing aggressive Nick.

Vyxsin called it - and of course Jen & Nate aren't sure what to do. They don't know who to follow and are constantly 2nd guessing themselves.
Geez Ron - take a chill pill!!
Excuse me? Who's handing out attitude here? Are you her Daddy or her brother?
The sibs were one of my favourite teams but Azaria is really showing his side and I'm really not liking him right now.
Azaria should stay away from the cheap foreign pharmaceuticals.

Is it just me or does it seem to be taking a long time for the teams to be booking tickets here?
Nate is being uncommonly calm here.
No way!!!
I'm sure that they had requested for Economy! Actually all of the teams were being quite specific about it. They got screwed and until they watch this they'll think that it's their fault.

Like I always say - airports are great equalizers. You never know.
Am I the only one who doesn't understand why no racer is ever seen with knitting? I mean, what do they do with all the waiting time? A little sock wouldn't take much back-pack space.
A Builder's Eye - that'd have to be Kerwyn.
"This is harder than I think it is". Poor Ron - I guess it's easier when Christina is doing the task.
Suck it up Ron!
This can't be any worse than that tight rope bicycle task on the 1st leg.
Short & Long. I'm not much of a swimmer and "extreme physical prowess" aren't the first 3 words that come to mind when I think of me.
'Nate Dog'?
white boy.
I'm surprised that Ron & Chris went with the rowing.
And if you don't know how to row the boat, perhaps this was the wrong Detour to choose.
We know that getting along with your partner is easier said than done Ronald; we kno
When you say "never be with you again" Jen, do you mean that in the Biblical sense?
Jen does seem to be doing more than her share on this rowing task.
Just like walking up very steep, wobbly & unstable stairs Kynt.

Again with the "not fair".
Poor Jen - I guess being cute & blonde your whole life and just now discovering that the world is not calibrated to your sensibilities is rough.
Yeah, geez, wtf are the cabbies thinking. I mean, what do you care if they have to spend the rest of the day turning down fares because the seats are wet as long as you get to where you're going!

Again Nate seems to be the voice of reason. Maybe that's in TAR rules - "Only one team member may freak out at a time".
I'm really happy to see Ron & Chris come in 1st!
AH HA!!! Legal transportation - that's a good one! You can beg money but not a ride.

Jen & Nate must have been really wet - the other teams don't seem to be having any problems getting a cab.
The sarcasm isn't a good look for you Jen.
Those guns going off are quite a scare!
I hope that no one falls back down the stairs because of them.
I think that Donald is fed up with the "Race" part of The Amazing Race.
He's probably one of those masons that like to build a wall that will last Donald.
I guess that slagging off on your Grandpa is what you meant by being aggresive, eh Nick?

Knitting would keep team members from nagging encouraging their partner to death.
Not as easy as it looked when your G-pa was rowing is it Nick?
Hendekea is just like a little Energizer bunny!
It comes down to a cabbie race (or so it would appear - editing is deceptive).
It's not your job as a brother to challenge your sister - you're supposed to protect and help her! Okay, when you're little I think that teasing & harmless torture are in the job description, but you're well past that stage now.
I'm sorry to see the sibs go, especially Hendekea, but I won't miss Azaria's
poser attitude.

What's going on next week that we won't have an Amazing Race episode?

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