Sunday, December 2, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part 12.5

Will Jen get her turn at 1st place? I can't wait to find out!

From Ouagadougou to Lithuania - not your top 10 itinerary I'm sure.
I'm all for pro-active inclinations in racers, but I'm pretty sure that they were told to book their tickets
through an official/authorized airport ticket agent.
Ya snooze ya lose Nick
Now I've forgotten who they have to book the ticket through - some team(s) may have some problems.
FFS - Kristina should step back and let Ronald handle this all on his own. Then remind him mercilessly about it when it bites them in the ass.
Sure Nick - that works. The nice lady will screw everyone else on your say so.
Karma's a mean bitch Nick.
She's not stupid Nick,
you just didn't give her any reason to be quick on your behalf.
It's not like everyone isn't going to see where you're sitting when they GET ON THE PLANE!!

TAR cars, check ins and stuff are always marked.
It's happening because Jennifer isn't even looking at the map
- she's just saying random directions.
Ronald was respectful and acknowledged Kristina in a positive way!
OMG - don't let Ronald do this task!!!
Thank God for an alert
If they know that Ronald is the bad listener of the team how did he end up doing this task?
I'm predicting not wedding bells in Nate & Jen's future.

"Don't give me pressure!" That's the pot calling the kettle black!
Ronald did pretty good & Jen really rocked that Roadblock!
It would seem that Nick just isn't the charmer that he imagines himself to be.

Alright Kynt & Vyxsin!!
"Easier to care for than a chicken." But more fragile I'm sure.
I'd go with the stilts.

As long as you're pretty sure Nick.
I think that I'd be holding the stilts in an overhand grip with my hands higher on the bars.
Maybe the bare feet
on the wood is not such a good idea Ron. I'm sure you know what you're doing - just saying is all.
C'mon Goths - you can do it!!!
or not
I'm happy for TK & Rachel - they're a nice team.
# 2 is not too shabby at all.
I think that telling the party people to leave you alone will probably only have the opposite effect.

I almost feel sorry for Ronald - he looks like something that the cat dragged in.
Kristina sure does love her dad - she's truly an inspiration (and a candidate for sainthood).

If a team is only as strong as their weakest link, who's the weak link - Shana or Jennifer?
By the skin of their teeth, Nick & Donald are still in it.
There are no non-elimination legs!
Can't say that I'm sorry to see them go.

Is he her brother or her daddy?
It's a thin line between
love & hate.

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