Saturday, December 29, 2007

Auntie Tina

My sister Tina is moving to Vietnam later this week so she came and spent a few days with us. And when I say "moving" I mean "going to live & work". She's visited there a few times and knows some people so it's not like she's going in without a clue. She's going to be teaching ESL so while I'm concerned for her in a broad familial sense, I know that she's doing what she wants and what will make her happy so I'm not worried.

Amanda helped her cook dinner on Monday,
we went to see National Treasure 2 on Tuesday (after watching the 1st one at home to get Tina up to speed) and went snow tubing on Wednesday. And when I say "we went snow tubing" I mean that I drove to Snow Valley and paid for the snow tubing and photographed the snow tubing but then sat in the chalet and knitted.

I went down to Marsha's on Thursday after I dropped Tina back home and picked up a bunch of Japanese pattern books - I'll take some pictures in the next few days - and my 1st Elizabeth Zimmermann book. I know, I've lived a sheltered knitting life. But I've taken the plunge with The Opinionated Knitter because it has some of her most well known patterns and I like that I can read some of her pattern notes and anecdotes.

I spent the rest of Thursday and Friday at my friend Ada's. We watched the 1st season of Dexter (poor Ada doesn't have The Movie Network) and the 2nd season of Weeds - OMG I love these shows!!! Knitting is what I do to lull everyone think that I'm ordinary and innocuous, while inside I'm quixotic with a twisted, slightly morbid sense of humour - while we knit and played show & tell.

I'm back home and Kerwyn & I are watching Heroes - season 1 & 2!! I'm finishing the 2nd sleeve on Julie's Patrick then it's just the neckline, washing & drying to shrink it up and then seaming.
Amanda & I will be delivering it (yes, not only will it be knit on time but delivered too!!!) to Julie on Monday so we'll be working at The Needle Emporium if you're around and want to swing by & say "hey". Amanda loves working at the store - as soon as I mentioned that I'd be taking it to Julie she squealed and said, "Can we work?!!"

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