Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rated M - follow up

I was surprised/not surprised to find out when I spoke with one of the owners that the Hock Shop actually doesn't have a policy/procedure in place when selling Rated M games. Here is part of Jeff's response to me/correspondence to his partner (which he copied me on).

I don't believe we have anything in our Policy & Procedures Guide regarding the AO (Adults Only) & Mature games.
It is a law under our Theatres Act licence. Here is the link.
Although the associates understand the requirements of the Mature ESRB label. I'm sure they are not being as diligent as required.
First off we need to instruct our managers to train the associates to always ask for ID if the customer "could" be under 20. That is if they are purchasing a Mature game or an AO (not that I recall seeing one of those).
I do recall seeing an ESRB listing posted in a few of our stores, but perhaps not all.

I'm sure that he won't mind my sharing it here as it puts him and his company in a much better light than a few days ago - at least in my mind. I really appreciate that he took this matter seriously and is (apparently) working to bring his stores up to code.
Chalk one up for the little guy (or girl)!!!

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