Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Women vs Men

Prescod women are not afraid of colour.

Prescod men are.

The coloured bricks go all the way around our front walk. I love 'em! Kerwyn says that it's okay, it'll be gone with the next rain. lol

I think the rest of the sweater will go fairly quickly with the end in sight. An endless sea of black leaves little room for enthusiasm.

This is Amandas favourite tulip. She thinks that it looks like some paint was dripped on it. I'd have said blood, but I guess that's the difference between young & innocent and not.

I have been feeling like a big slug lately. In an attempt to re-energize, I went to a yoga class tonight. It felt uncomfortable at first - because flexibility & quiet meditation are among the weakest of my abilities - but by the end of Relaxation and Meditation I felt renewed and a certain sense of inner calm. Mission Impossible Accomplished. I will definitely go back next week.

To Do Tomorrow:

1. Call skunk killer trapper/remover.
2. Call hot tub repair guy. Cold, agitating water is not condusive to an atmosphere d'amour.
note to self - do #2 first!!!


  1. Yes, yes, do #2 first and pronto!! Tell Amanda that would TOTALLY be my favourite tulip too if it were in my garden. It is lovely. I love the coloured bricks too. They look cool. Too bad they wouldn't stay like that. Good luck with the skunk thing.

  2. No worries - I'm sure that Amanda will redo the bricks!

  3. I'm with the Prescod women on this one...color is good. I had to laugh at the picture of Kyle. He looks so excited.

  4. lol Saun! He's still not sure it'll fit big enough. I told him that the edges curl in & it'll be better once I can seam it.

  5. The bricks are neat that way. You could make 'em permanent.

    Good luck with the skunk removal!

  6. The bricks look great! I'm only just discovering colour. I went through a long period where I only wore black. Everything I owned was black. Now, I'm expirementing. I've even worn orange!!! I think I'm getting the hang of it.

    Good luck with your list of things to get done!! :)

  7. I've got a swatch for that fat cable. Next I need to sit down and really chart the thing--not an exact copy--more streamlined. Now back to my backyard disaster...

  8. He is such a sport! Letting you post pictures of him in the sweater in progress!