Thursday, May 18, 2006

Medieval Times

I drove a bus load of grade 4 students down to Medieval Times today. I know, but it was worth it! Getting paid for the whole day + I got into the show. This is the stadium (it's huge), the narrator, the Princess, my Red Knight - omg, it's he the cutest?! - and M'Lady Amanda. I had to get her this little "put-it-on-your-head-and-you're-instantly-a-princess" thing! I bought Kyle a dragons' claw holding a crystal leather-thong necklace - quite manly.

So, very little knitting was done during the day - although I think that I have the gauge worked out for J Yo's sweater. (I
t's my own nickname for Joanne Yordanou - I hope that she doesn't hate it.) Gauge swatches are the perfect travelling project.
I have been making progress on Jenna's sleeves. (and when I say "making progress" I mean slow like the tortoise so I have to put in quantity time as opposed to just time)
Fiona's sweater has stalled a wee bit so that we can work out some finesse-type details.
Kyle is being very understanding that all of this work knitt
ing has put his sweater on hold.

And not to tease you (well, yes it is) here is my Socks That Rock yarn. Scaponia on the left and Waterlilies on the right. Thanks to my properly placed connections I was able to score these before they sold out - in like 2 days!

No trapped skunk yet - bloody hair trigger on that trap. But I am not defeated yet - I'm nothing if not persistent!

Kenny - that fastest knitter contest was held at the CSNF in Toronto. It's an annual event and it's a ton of fun. Not too many of us take it very seriously. There is a similar thing done at Stitches and the needlework show in the UK, so it's a fair claim of "North America".


  1. No, I don't hate it! I get Jo Yo, J Yo, Jody (don't ask), Joanie, Jo, Joanno banano (my brother) and J man (my husband's idea of flirting). I would have left a comment before now, but as I am a blogging newbie, I had to figure out signing up to Blogger with a tripod address first. And WOW you are a busy knitter!

  2. So many WIPs! Is *work* knitting as much fun as *pleasure* knitting?

    I so envy your new stashquisitions. You have the right kinda contacts ;0)

  3. Nice STR! I have such a fondness/obssession for the stuff. It is pretty dreamy.

    We almost went Medieval once but never got there - Nick would love it; you don't have to use utensils! Hey why didn't you buy one of those crowns for yourself - you deserve it! You could wear it to competitions and freak out the competitors! LOL