Monday, May 15, 2006

Toronto Spiders

Here is (l-r) Joan, Denise, Lorraine, Julia (hostess!) and me. Absent from the picture are Judy, Karen, Barb and Bob (the shearer - who won't actually be shearing but is none the less a Spider). Oh and Emily who is taking the picture! While I didn't actually make the cake, I thought of having it made & I carefully explained the design. Good enough! We had a great time spinning unprocessed fleece, knitting the greasy yarn and timing all sorts of things. We have a "quick start plan" to get us through the first 10-15 mins - which we have been told is the key.
We will be at the Riverdale Farm on June 3rd - come on by and check it out!
Bring your best spinning/knitting cheer, energy snacks (I don't know about the rest of the team, but when I say "energy snack" I mean Chocolate)for the team and a couple of bucks to buy a ticket for a chance to win the finished sweater (proceeds to a charity - I'm not sure exactly which one). After meeting the rest of the team I am confident that we will rock this!!

SHHHHHH - be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm twapping a wascawy skunk!
The trap has a very sensitive trigger and the first couple of nights I came up empty. I think that I will have to switch to actual meat - maybe he is not especially enticed by PB on Whole Wheat.
Does anyone know if skunks are stupid? Or are they smart like dogs? I mean, if when we trap it and drive it 20mins away and release it, will it find its way back to my yard? I think that I need to get a $200,000 research grant from the government and study this. (and when I say "study" I mean sit on my ass and think about it lots while I knit then work up a spreadsheet or 500 with numbers that could go either way)

The neighbourhood rabbit was spotted across the road yesterday. We love these guys!!

My wretched children used all of my cream over the weekend while I was out (Spider team meeting, dinner with Jocelyn & Ada, driving bus) all weekend, didn't tell me & now I am drinking my coffee with milk. GAHRG!!

Okay, enough sidetracking ... back to the grindstone knitting needles.


  1. Lorraine told me all about this project when she spoke at our Guild. Good luck! I'll be thinking of you as I knit on the deck of the cottage that weekend...

  2. Good luck with everything! The spinning and the de-skunking. Here's a link to a skunk diet ... maybe you'll find something there he/she will like better than the PB.

  3. I applaud you for capturing the skunk rather than killing it . . . but won't it spray you once you go to move the cage???

  4. Our "skunk guy" recommended pickled eggs for catching the little critters. He also said that you have to take them a fair distance away or else they'll be back on your doorstep before you can say "whew!".

  5. We're trying to catch it because I don't want to poison it and in a vengeful death-fit it crawls under the shed to decompose. It's all about the karma.

    The trap is fairly small - I've been told that it won't/can't spray if it can't raise its tail. Also, covering the trap with an old blanket makes the (stupid) skunk think it's hiding. We put the trap on an old board to make lifting it easier too.
    Releasing it is tricky and not without risk, but we'll worry more about that when/if it happens. Hopefully the Karma gods will bless us with a scentless getaway.

  6. Holly2:12 PM

    For the skunk bait, try using a can of the cheapest sardines you can find. Just crack the tin open a tiny tiny bit, and place it far back in the trap. Has worked every time for me, skunks and raccoons.

    As for moving it once it is trapped, I would advise not to. Unless that cage is extremely small, you will be in real trouble. If you don't take it far enough, it will be back before you are, and every moment in captivity will be fraught with danger (to you). Call me at home for my personal solution.

  7. Coffee and no cream. I have to agree, blech!

    Good luck trying to catch your skunk. We have the same trap but to catch a raccoon that likes to shred our roof...the best we've caught was a squirrel.

  8. Good luck with the spinning; you guys are maniacs - can see it in the smiles. You know the government probably would give you the money. Skunks are smart. Be careful you don't get sprayed.... You might see if animal control will come pick it up once he's in his "new house."

  9. Wait let's get back to sidetracking: Butterfly along? Will there ever be one?