Friday, May 12, 2006

Somewhere over the Rainbow

I woke up to a wonderful full rainbow this morning, but couldn't get far enough back to get it all in one shot. There was also the a double on one side! I love real rainbows!!

This is what I can show you of the project for Jenna.
Not very enlightening?! Perfect - bwa ha ha!!!

I am making progress on Fiona's sweater but you'll have to use all of your imagination for that one.

Here is Amanda's first self-portrait. Not bad for being taken on the bus at 8:00AM.
I'm very busy knitting, so I have used few words & big pictures. Does it look like a big blog entry?


  1. It's like some kind of dream! A very good dream . . . to wake up to a rainbow! I never get to see rainbows in the big city. Mind you, I saw them all the time when I lived in Niagara Falls! We're famous for them!

  2. Your blog post looks huuuuuge. LOL The rainbow is beautiful, now only if you could find that pot of gold, eh? Amanda is a natural self-portrait photographer! :)

  3. Waah...rainbows...I haven't seen those for awhile! Must be the sky wanting to compete with all the flowers in bloom. Oh glorious May.

  4. I love rainbows; we get some great ones out here in the country. The best doubles I've ever seen (okay not like I've been to that many places) were in St. John's NFLD - amazing. Oh yeah, thanks for the yarn teasing...LOL.

  5. I just notice something in your header. I didn't know you're the fastest knitter in NA. Did you like enter a competition or something?

  6. Yeah it does. Totally fooled me.

    Those rainbows are crazy!