Tuesday, May 9, 2006

The Summer of Wannietta will be interrupted

The house was painted & stained last summer/fall and this was going to be the Summer of Wannietta. Sleeping in, leisurely days spent on the deck - sipping lovely drinks, knitting and supervising children at play - and BBQ'ing in relative peace and quiet. I found a patio set that I just love (and yes, I would marry it!), Kerwyn dutifully put it together without procrastination and I started having all sorts of fantasies about the lovely parties I could have on the deck.
Then this started.
Now, in all fairness they have been working on this small subdivision since before we moved in, so the overall idea of construction didn't just come out of the blue, but I convinced myself that this specific area wouldn't be built upon. Or that it wouldn't be until later - September would have been fine. Not at the beginning of my summer!!! If the noise and constant vibrations weren't bad enough (and when I say bad enough, I mean pissing me off when I'm in the house with the doors & windows closed), if I wad up my anger into a tiny little ball and shove it down by my ankles and I go out to enjoy my deck and try to ignore the noise & dust (don't get me started on the blowing dirt/sand) then I have to listen to the music they have blaring.
I can listen to almost any music and even enjoy most of it, but I draw the line at Country. What would they be playing? Of fucking course!!! A couple
more days of that and I will have to go over and fuck up their shit speak to them about some sort of compromise about the radio station. Either that or get a stereo louder than theirs. sigh

Knitting progress has been great though. Kyle's sweater is almost done (poor boy looks like a deer caught in the headlights) and I've almost completed the 1st border chart around the Tina Shawl. The yarn came to continue Fiona's TSS and I am working on another Top Secret project for Jenna. I will continue to take pictures, but as they will be Extremely Useless, you'll mostly just have to take my word for it that I'm knitting.


  1. Oooh I love your patio set. It's loverly!

    I vote for getting a stereo louder than theirs. You could have your own little "my stereo is louder than theirs" party. It would be fun! Yay! LOL

    The sweater looks great. And yes, deer caught in the headlights is definitely what he looks like ... mind you deer are adorable creatures ...

  2. The patio set is loverly!!

    As for the noise, I sympathize. I have a lovely balcony and they've started building a condo across the street!!! NO!!!!!

    A few summers ago, they decided to re-do our balconies . . . the first step was jackhammering them all!!!!!! That was the worst summer of my life!

  3. Construction sucks. We are in a relatively new subdivision with two or three new "phases" going in around us plus oodles of roadwork. Our cars are always filthy and I can barely see out my windows through the grime (and I refuse to wash them every other day).

    Try to knit through it. You never know, you might even gain a new appreciation for George Jones ;)

  4. Hey, check out the neckline on my most recent blog post! Woo hoo.

    That's one co-operative boy you have there, posing so nicely in his incomplete sweater.


  6. Don't you love the saying, "the best laid plans......" Maybe you can blare Led Zepplin back at them..Nah, they'd probably love that! I must say that is one thing I love about living here in the country - the biggest noise we have here is the tractor. Construction noises are awful. Your patio looks so inviting...I feel really bad for you. That shawl looks fabulous!

  7. BTW - that deer in the headlights look? I think it must be adolescent boy - Nick has that look a lot too; it's as if half his brain was sucked out. Your son looks so adorable though (that's probably what all the girls say to themselves LOL).