Thursday, May 25, 2006

getting' there

I love it when the end is in sight! Fiona's sweater (Top Secret Sweater #2) has had details finalized and yarn delivered and is moving along very well.

I drove the bus on charters Saturday & Monday. Fortunately they were on Base, shuttling cadets from one area to another and waiting. Long stretches of sitting on a bus waiting for cadets that if I didn't have my knitting & MP3 player would send me into a coma. So I got much done on Jenna's sleeves. Don't try to figure out the stitch pattern - this is the back of the fabric! (I know ... 00-spy skills again!) Just a little more on the top and presto! FO!!

It doesn't sound like I'm getting much knitting done, but these 2 projects are not condusive to speed. Sheer dogged determination and persistence are the watch words here.

I saw these gorgeous foxes while on Base. There was a family of 5, and I was lucky enough to drive by them with an empty bus so I could stop and capture them on film. The adult male had a much deeper, richer fur than the picture shows.

Yesterday I went to the chiropodist and for my massage (a session every couple of weeks keeps me knitting). Afterwards, while I was setting up my next appointment, the chiropractor that also shares the building came to the front desk. Now he is quite well used in the area on various sports teams and has been with teams at several Olympic and World events.
"Can Erik see me on Friday morning? I have a marathon on Saturday and I need him to make sure I'm limber," inquires the knitter.
"Sure - same time?" replies Marjorie the excellent receptionist.
"Which marathon - Ottawa?" asks the chiropractor. He seems quite fit himself, perhaps he's running there.
"No, Riverdale in Toronto," answers the knitter, turning to the chiropractor, a smile twitching at her lips.
"I haven't heard of that one - how long is it?" he asks, genuinely interested/puzzled.
"We're hoping to break the Canadian record and come in under 6 hours. The Australians did it in just under 5, but we'll have to spin and knit to the max to beat that."
stunned silence
derisive snort, eye roll & head shake while walking away

"Hey, the way I knit it's a sport dude. I normally compete for speed, but this is an endurance event." The knitter shares a laugh with Marjorie, enjoying the moment.

I think that this chiropractor takes his "sports" quite seriously and needs some education about the rigors of serious knitting. If ping pong can be a sport then I'll go to the mat defending the sporting merits of knitting.
I am laughing out loud right now when I remember the look on his face when he realized that we weren't talking about the same kind of marathon. Not quite humiliation, but definitely discomfiture & some perturbation.


  1. Of course knitting is a sport! They put poker on TSN and knitting takes a lot more coordination than THAT!

  2. very clever...hiding the pattern as you have...I will have to enlist in the some superhero efforts to determine the equation.

  3. fI think you are such a tease W; tempting us with little bits and then trying to throw us off the track with foxes and funny stories about uptight sports jocks...that won't quite cut it though - SHOW US THE KNITTING! We can see past the tactics!