Monday, May 1, 2006

Bad Blogger, Good Knitter

Well, the backyard is completely raked and I was able to seed 1/2 of it last weekend. I'm going to finish off the front yard today and finish seeding so that it's ready for the rain that we are supposed to get on Thursday. I want a lush green lawn this summer!

Kyle is modelling the back of his Blue Sky Cotton sweater - it looks skinnier than it is. I'm almost done the front and should be able to snap another pic once I knit the shoulders together. I am going to knit the sleeves from the top down so that they will fit perfectly (I swear that he's growing as I knit - I've adjusted the pattern twice to make it bigger) and so that I can more easily add length to them as will certainly be required. I have started in on the 2nd dyelot and I'm not sure that 4 (and a bit) balls will be enough for the sleeves and neckband so Megan had better get ready to send me a couple more skeins in yet another dyelot. I know, it's like I'm new here. I haven't said anything about it to Kyle and I'm kind of hoping that he won't notice.
I have also made visible progress on the Tina Shawl. Here is the center square, unblocked and blocked. Maybe I should say Abra-ca-dabra!!! because I am still filled with child-like wonder at the magic that blocking works on lace.

Amanda spent most of the weekend skipping & colouring with sidewalk chalk. Here is a cute one of her and Riley.


  1. I'm sure he won't notice the difference in dye lots. It seems to me that non-knitting men don't usually take much notice to such things. :) The shawl is coming along beautifully. :)

    We did a lot of yard stuff over the last week. The birds keep coming to eat my grass seed though. It's more popular than my actual bird feeder. Oh well. LOL

  2. Oh, I need to skip again. I used to love it. I could spend a whole weekend skipping.

    I only tried lace once and I got really mad. I think if I just would have blocked it (instead of throwing it across the room) then it would have been beautiful.

    Your lace looks wonderful . . . such even stitching!!

  3. Blocking lace never gets old.