Friday, August 19, 2005

Well, here it is ...

I am mostly unpacked after the recent (July 20th) move to Angus, ON. It is slow going but I am under no real time
constraints so it has developed it's own pace. My yarn room will be last. sigh But that's okay because I made sure that I knew where most of the most important projects were so that I could knit without tearing open all of the boxes making the unpacking unneccesary. And then I can savour every moment of making this room perfect because every other room has been taken care of - I could make it a party!

This Naturally sweater is almost done.
The armholes may or may not look small in this picture, but they are. Now, when I was knitting it and arrived at the armholes, my "hmmmmm" radar made soft noises. There was no actual casting off for the armholes just fully fashioned decreases. So I continued. Then when it said to shape the shoulders after 15cm (6in) the radar noise elevated. But when I'm doing a piece from a pattern as a sample I try not to impose my own ideals on it. And it should be noted here that I am what is nicely referrred to as a "wishful knitter". I just keep on going, hoping and wishing that it will be okay and when it's not, wishing that I hadn't kept going. So after all of the knitting is done, I sew in the arm and try it on. It is in my size, and yes you can wear it with a t-shirt but only a very fitted t-shirt. And only if you don't need all of that blood flow to your fingers. sigh I will take it to the store of Saturday and let Julie decide to keep it the way it was written or for me to frog, re-design & re-knit.

I'm working on another Naturally project - garter st
itch, 2 colour no-brainer. It's going along well ... you thought that there was a "but" coming didn't you? Nah. I just decided to start on this next project for some variety and because it's due next month.
Deep Breath
No Problem.

And then there is my Sock In Progress. I always have a sock with me because they are so easy to pick up, do a needle or two and put down. I am stopped at the heel flap because I need to pick up some Kid Silk Haze for the reinforcement. I love this stuff - it comes in great colours to match to whatever sock I'm doing, it's light and strong. So I need some green to go with this lovely Opal from last summer.

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  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Love the sock, Wannietta. So glad you started this blog. I met you briefly in a Main St Yarns in Milton one day last year. Didn't realize you moved to Angus. Congrats on your new home. Looking fwd to enjoying your blog every day.