Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Always take your knitting

The allergies have stepped it up a notch so I find myself sleeping in and without much energy. I am now ready for a serious cold-snap, followed by a temperate winter. Anyway, after I hauled myself out of bed and fed the children I put up this shelf in my kitchen:
Level and everything!!

Then I took a break and caught some rays. I hardly ever just lay out and tan because it's so incredibly boring - just laying there doing nothing. But today I felt like it, so I did. It's really starting to feel like fall is in the air so I want to enjoy the nice days while I can. And it was restful because the children were playing with their friends next door and didn't
come and ask me for anything. Really, it's true! Then after a nice quiet shower it was time to take them to a doctors' appointment.

They knew about this for days and I told them several times over the course of the day and they both refused/forgot to take anything (a book) to do while we waited. And it was a long one ... an hour later we got in. Amanda was quite content to play with the waiting room toys but Kyle was bored and because he was too busy playing to eat before we left was hungry enough to eat a pack of crackers that he found in the van.
You can see my sock beside Amanda - I never leave home without my "something to do". I made some great progress - turned the heel (a special king of knitting magic that still amazes me), and past the instep shaping. Straight on till the toes. And look how happy my new SpongeBob tin is to be the new SIP carrier! I got this tin from Kernels while Amanda and I waited for Kyle to have grip tape put on his Habitat deck (I know ... it's a whole new language for me too!) at West 49.
And this nice young man is Matt - grip tape replacing pro.

As much as this store is costing me in gear for Kyle, I did buy the coolest pair of kicks. They look totally awesome with handknit socks coming out of the tops.

I finished the front of Debras Colinette sweater yesterday and will start on the sleeves tonight. It's knit in seed stitch so it doesn't really need blocking out, though I will do the shoulder seams so they lay flat properly.

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