Monday, August 22, 2005

Babysitters, bus driving and Colinette progress

Saturday at the store was great - picked out Big Wool in Wild Berry and Kid Silk Spray in Regal for the VK sweater. Regal is a much brighter colour than it looks on the Rowan site - this is going to rock! The KSS hadn't come in yet so I will have time to finish up the current projects before I work again in September.

Brandi is Amanda's babysitter.
{I took her picture in the basement where I sneaked up on here and made here look}
We love her. {and not just because she has a brother Kyles age (my son) or because her mother knits} She plays what Amanda wants to, where she wants to and how she wants to without it getting out of hand. Then she helps clean up the playing. She even looks like she's having fun doing it!
She came today because I had to go o
n a road evaluation to show that I really am a good bus driver, not just an idiot holding a B license. If I'm lucky I will get a route for the new school year, if not I will have to be a spare until something comes up.

Here is the back of the Colinette Love It pullover.
I had to put in neck shaping - I could not possibly just cast off all of the stitches for the shoulders & neck in one row ... my fingers just wouldn't do it.
Debra (the Client) asked that I
change the neck to a v and add an inch to the depth, so I will be calculating that today, and of course the sleeve length needs adjusting. Should be okay. I really enjoy working with the Colinette yarns, i feel very artistic even though I'm just changing up the yarns when they say to. It makes simple knitting very satisfying.

Julie decided that since the Naturally sweater was just a model we'll do it according to the pattern. We can let knitters interested in making the sweater know that they can adjust the underarm and armhole depth if they want to. Here is a better picture of it in progress -
I'm told that the other pic was a bit dark.

Unsuspecting child-minders (Amanda informed me that she isn't a baby ...) will be used as models.

Full Speed Ahead!!!

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