Friday, August 26, 2005

Life's a Day at the Beach

Now that we live only about 30 minutes from Wasaga Beach it seemed like such a shame not to take the kids. Amanda was so excited she was up at 7:30, and bless her heart, she held herself back from coming into my room until 8:30 - then she just couldn't stand it another second. And even when she woke me up it was to find out if she could start making the sandwiches or packing something. Awwwww! How could I get upset?
So I got up and started preparing. By 9:30 we were ready to go ... but I had to take Kyles bike back to the bike shop because when I paid them to put on a new rear tube, I forgot to ask that they align the tire when they put it back on.
I know ... wtf was I thinking?!? So we did that (it was the opposite direction), picked up a friend of Kyles to come with us to the beach and it was a go.

Tin SpongeBob was very excited when he heard the word "beach". He quickly realized once we got there that it wasn't his native home. He couldn't smell the salt. But he quickly got into the spirit of the day and happily sat on the blanket. As much as he loves the water he takes his responsibilities as SIP Carrier very seriously and chose to stay back and watch the children from there.

I did go in and get wet, played Frisbee with Amanda
when the boys abandoned her to go out as far as they could (I think it was 7 or 8 sandbars). The water was great, the sky was clear and the beach wasn't jam packed with tourists. I did spend a fair amount of time watching from a safe (dry) position, taking pictures and knitting. The sock was happy to be chosen as the "projet du jour" and we had some quality & quantity time together.
The hat - I know that you noticed it - is a ChicKnits Bucket Hat. Amanda wore hers as well - hers is pink so that we can tell them apart. I made them last summer and we love them - a great pattern, a great fit and perfect not only for the beach but bad hair days too.

The Colinette sweater has not been neglected. It has one arm attached with the next one soon to come. Tomorrow I'm driving up to my sisters (just outside of Mount Forest, ON) to pick up a sewing machine cabinet, then to my dads (Durham, ON) to get a couple boxes of my Tupperware. Now that I have room to put it I should really go get it. It's going to be exciting because I don't remember exactly what all there is! So there won't be a lot of knitting progress - too much driving where I have to be the one driving.

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