Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dreaded Lurgy

Kicking off the new year with a cold. It's not quite as wretched as the last one, but it is requiring more rest, which cuts into knitting time. 
I have made progress on Born Trippy though. 
 Once I was home to mine and could weigh the yarn, my stressing over the colour progression went away. I've just added in the first stripe of Wish. I think that I'll block it out soon just to get a fair feel for how it will look. It's so scrinchy right now. 

I have excellent progress on my Indie sock last night at work!
 A couple more dock nights and I'll have another finished pair :)
Chica has this tiny piece of fluff from the bedding in their crate. She is so adorable about it; she wool sucks on it like a cat. 
If Petey cared about it, he'd have it gone in one swallow. Like he does with my earplugs, naughty boy. He finds them and swallows them if I turn my head away from my pillow for even a second. 

I hatched some excellent eggs recently!! 

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