Sunday, January 29, 2017


I hate waiting for people to make decisions so that I can make decisions. It does my head in - my sleep goes for a dive, I am tense all over. Fortunately my canine and human support system is strong, and I have much knitting to fall into. 
Socks are moving right along! I am loving these big time ❤❤ 

I normally don't work on them at home, but I'm waiting for a pattern to knit up a frabjous fibers so fond of rainbows kit
I have been knitting so much on my little 2.5mm Signature needles that I have worked a painful cut/groove into the tip of my finger.  I still love that stiletto tip though. 
I finished Amanda's messy bun hat  I love it; I'm sure that she will too!  
Thanks to Woolly Wormhead for an excellent free pattern. 

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