Friday, December 30, 2016

Great Week

It's been a productive knitting week!! 

I have finished a sock, started the 2nd one AND gotten through the increase sections of the Born Trippy scarf.
I also used the bread maker that Craig bought me for Xmas. It won't get used overmuch with just the two of us, but he was well impressed with the initial offering. 
Born Trippy has a section using just the MC, and I considered starting with it - that would have eliminated a few ends that are created in the increasing. I might still, but I'm going to need a scale (which is at mine) to track my usage of the MC. Having the solid MC section inside the scarf will also break up the length of the striped sections. There really is more to this than one would initially assume. I'm quite certain that I'm overthinking this ... I shall sleep on it and let
My subconscious be my guide. 

Craig and I are going to have a lovely evening in for New Years Eve. I had asked him if he had any plans or thoughts on what he'd like to do and he said no, we could do whatever I'd like. I just gave him that, "Really? You know what I wanna do" look, combined with a lopsided grin, and he picked up what I was putting down and said, "We can stay in and knit". He really is a keeper!! 

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