Friday, January 6, 2017


So I got started on Marks socks last night. I got this far into them,  
he inquired about what I had started on so I showed him. "Well, that's rather boring."  
So. Clearly since I know him only in a work capacity, and his wardrobe is ALP standard, I clearly made an inaccurate assumption. He said he loves wild and crazy colours. He named his first child Magenta as it's his favourite colour. 
Ok. Back to the stash. 
I have made some selections, significantly less sedate boring, and I will give him the choice tonight. 
 I've got my guess about which one he might choose ... 

Fret not, my evening was not spent idle! I pulled out Born Trippy and set to.
 It's coming along nicely, if I do say so myself. I was getting tired from the relentless coughing that this cold has gifted me with, so the last 1/4 was spent on being exhausted. Can't wait to get to Sorry, not Sorry, because pink!! 
If I had not had a back up project, like if I was a rookie or delirious from fever, I'd've just restarted the socks in my size. Hey, I can be sedate. Maybe not boring, but totally sedate. 

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