Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Despite some uncertainties in my life, which is the definition of living, I am having fun!!  New socks on the needles!! This yarn has a softer hand than most commercially produced yarns. It doesn't have the machines stiffness; it almost feels like an indie dyed yarn. I'm impressed with that and the colours fill me with much joy!! 
I got up this afternoon with a mini cooking urge. I whipped up an onion chutney by Dan Toombs.
 I am excited for his upcoming cookbook; I might even pre-order!! 
Pappadums to go with the chutney and the curry I made Sunday. 

 I made a balsamic glaze to go over the pressed cottage cheese. I love that stuff - the best of cottage cheese without the wetness. The glaze is delicious - tangy and sweet; a perfect counter to a flavourless sponge. 

Phew! Well fed, and ready to work. And knit. 

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