Monday, January 23, 2017


Born Trippy is knit, blocked and ready to wear!! I loved knitting this pattern, and the yarn ... all the love!! 
Once I had decided to start with Hush (lavender) as the first CC, then realized that there was a solid MC section, I had to rethink my plan to go with a tonal
progression. I went with the brights in the centre, which if I was wearing it myself would have them on my face, finishing with Coral, so that it lays and compliments Hush when worn. At the end of the day, it still works out as a tonal progression! Go me!! 
 The living alone life kinda sucks for taking modeled FO pics, but Julie rocks this, so I'll leave it to her. From me, this is what you get - functional shot. 

I cast on for Amanda's Messy Bun hat last night.
 It doesn't look like much yet, the Charly print melange gives it a less than flat-black look. Amanda specifically requested "black" so I took that limit as far as I could and still stay true to what my client asked for. I *do* want her to wear it and love it when it's done. I also chose this yarn for its superwashness - Amanda isn't really the hand-wash kinda girl. 

With the work schedule that I have and the long days I'm putting in lately, I use weekends to go to the shops and cook. I love cooking and am still unable to cook for one or two, which works out well for meal prep. Yesterday I made another batch of curry, the sausage mix that I use to make omelets, and a new recipe - chicken parm stuffed peppers. They turned out fantastic and I'll definitely be making them again! 

I have a remarkable amount of food in my home for a woman living and cooking for mostly just herself. 

I buy a lot at Costco, then use my FoodSaver to portion it down and keep it freezer-fresh until I use it. I have a lot of ready to grab-and-go meals in the freezer. Working nights and not being able to pop out for something if I don't take food is a massive motivator, and saves money in the long run.

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