Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rockefeller, Clue #3 SPOILER

Today's clue for the Rockefeller Mystery KAL from Westknits was just over 4 hours of knitting ... I'm not generally much of a fan of the look of a corrugated-type ribbing but this suits the design.

A few people have posted pictures of Radio City Music Hall in the Rockefeller Centre and a few of the symbols outside of it that appear to be the inspiration for this design. Without knowing it I chose (and you solidified that selection) colours that echoed one of the online pictures. I know ... creepy!!! ;)

I have also made excellent progress on Beth's Drops 85-11 sweater. What a difference a proper blocking can make!!

The Olympics have begun. I was seriously bewildered by the opening ceremony. Aside from Rowan Atkinson who can't help but steal the show, I was totally uninterested and glad of the distraction of sorting myself to go out. Yes - I went out!!! I put on my face and something not a t-shirt. One our very best cashiers is moving on from Alliston and we were celebrating her presence in our lives and her future. Best wishes Blanche!!!

I know - can you even believe how much my hair has grown in a year?!? I hardly had enough to run my fingers through last year and now it blows around in the wind, drives me crazy in the morning and is enough to grab a fistful. Sometimes I just love going outside and just standing in the wind and reveling in mess that the breeze makes of it, enjoying the crazy tickling of it teasing my face. Amazing.

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  1. i think of all the teens wailing,"I hate my hair!" and wonder how they would feel if it was gone. You are a joy and a walking victory! Hooray and YEEHA for you!

    You are also one foxy babe.

    The shawl is delightfully Art Deco! And you make it look like such a fun knit.