Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Wing

I have been knitting but also taking some time to just enjoy my last week or so of time off and the absolutely fabulous weather we've been having. Granted, it's been quite warm some days but that sure beats chilly & rainy!! It's Summer and I love it!!!

I spent my entire Friday knitting and
ripping, let's call it swatching, doing some serious maths to make sure that my 36g of orange would last for both wings. I totally did it - numbers don't lie!!! - but I ate up the Malabrigo Velvet Grapes. But I can deal with that, I've got Julie on the case!! I'll have to wait for the new skein to continue - if there is a significant difference in dye lot I'd rather it was on the entire left wing than just half of it. If you want to see all of the progression pictures, I have them on my Ravelry project page.

No worries, I have been working on my Family Pendragon SweetSpot strip and I can jump right back into Beth's Drops sweater.

I am healing very well on all counts! My stomach still feels tight and if I stretch/twist a bit too much I am reminded that there is still healing to be done. I still put the Bio Oil on; can't hurt ... My toe still has a numbishness to it and while I can walk it's a careful placing of foot to ground and I'm careful not to roll off of the ball of my foot. There is still some swelling on the top of my foot, but I feel good about how both surgeries have gone. Next week is filled with doctors appts to get followups done and return to work permissions and modifications sorted. I'm scheduled to go back on the 13th - I'm looking forward to it. No, really I am. I would love to keep staying at home but needs must and I miss the people!!!


  1. those are some totally cool scars! You heal very nicely.

    The sweet spot strips rock. You are so good with that. And the shawl - awesome!

    You might want to prep a few dinners ahead of time for when you go back to work. You will be so tired the first few days, and it will be lovely just to pull a meal out of the freezer and heat it up.

  2. I've actually kind of done that. I have still not mastered cooking for one so I put single servings of meat (especially) in the freezer so I can take it out the night before and, if nothing else, have a protein to throw on top of a salad.