Monday, July 16, 2012

Vote on Westknit Shawl

Okay - I have put together a couple more options for a short-list. I need your help now - I love them all!!! I think that they all speak to an aspect of my personality.

Vote please - I've closed the voting for tomorrow afternoon so that I have time to bang out the first clue before the 2nd one comes out.





  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    What about the light blur from fire with the purple from Autumn? Or the Autumn purple with the Fire red?

  2. Lord have Mercy!! I had enough of a challenge short-listing it to what I did!!! LOL!!!

  3. If you don't go with the Autumn combo.....send it my way LOL!

  4. Linda in Waterloo10:39 PM

    I'm voting for maybe that's the drought talking. I think Autumn looks like coreopsis and butterfly bush so I'd vote for Garden (Autumn in your book).