Thursday, July 19, 2012

Drops Like it's Hot

Beth's sweater is growing with the ease that every knitter knows when the yarn is perfect for the project and you are loving both! I'm just past the armhole shaping on the front.

And the ayes have it - with a landslide of 63%, is the winning colourway. And it's lovely. The brown/purple is Malabrigo Velvet Grapes - a perfect nod to an Autumnal Garden. Actually Linda, the intensity of the oranges reminds me of the Portulaca that my mother always planted. The first 1/3 went quickly. I'm going to finish Clue 1 today so that I'm ready to hit the ground running tomorrow.


My surgeon is on holidays until the 31st - amazing since I'm supposed to have a 2 week follow up not a 4 week follow up. But my family Dr. is awesome and between her, her nurse and I we took the cast off and decided that I will just be a very, very good girl and (mostly) stay off of it and try to get in to see the surgeon when he gets back. I think that the bruising is mostly from walking on the partial cast, it doesn't really hurt. I'm taking 81mg of aspirin from the previous surgery - it doesn't seem to be helping the bruising, or maybe it would just be a lot worse if I wasn't taking it. Hhhhmmmm. Anyway, it doesn't hurt a lot but it does ache deeply so I just stay off of it and up as much as possible.
My stomach is feeling good - not that I can really do anything remotely strenuous anyway, but if I reach and/or twist too much or the wrong way I can feel that it's still healing. 


  1. Actually, the aspirin probably increased the bruising since it discourages clotting. but not to worry. You should be perfect in about two weeks.In the meantime, the knitting looks awesome!

  2. I didn't think of it that way - I figured since the aspirin was a blood thinner it would prevent bruises, not make them more likely. It's hard to tell since I bruise easily anyway! LOL I look at my legs or arms and it's like, "how'd that get there?!"